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FATEK Group has the determination in developing the products with advanced and modern technology continually by the team of specialized engineers and professional staffs in order to ensure all of your projects to be successful with the good quality and quickness as defined. We would like to express our sincerest appreciation to all of our customers who always support us.

We really hope to work with you and to be successful with you forever. The installation services of Cold Room, Clean Room, Processing Room as demanded with the certified standard of ISO 9001:2015 and the quality insulated panel made by us.

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Sandwich Panel

Easy-to-install wall and ceiling mounting system, joint system

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PIR (Polyisocyanurate)

Yellow foam insulated panels Polyisocyanurate, heat and flame resistant

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PU (Polyurethane)

Polyurethane foam insulated panels have heat resistance properties

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Asbestos insulated panels has low thermal conductivity,can tolerate heat well

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EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)

White Expanded-polystyrene foam insulated panels prevent moisture from the soil surface

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Roof sheet is more insulated and stronger than normal roof

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Door insulated sheet Install sliding and swing doors with pre-insulated panels

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Office cabinet for construction size that emphasizes elegance and looks good. Wide application area

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Freeze Room

Freeze Room is the room used for freezing the food. It is the food processing for food preservation by reducing the temperature to below -40 Celsius degrees. The water in the food will change the status to ice. It is the food preservation to maintain the freshness and food quality better than other methods of food preservation

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Cold room or Chilling room is the room used for storing the food at the low temperature but higher than the freezing point of food.The temperature used in cooling the food is from -3 to -7 Celsius degrees which is the temperature suitable for preserving each kind of food differently. Preserving the food in the cold room is used for preserving perishable food using Sandwich Panel or cold room

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Cold Room

Freeze Room

Cold Room

Cold Room

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Cold Room

Store Room

Cold Room

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FATEK Group is committed to develop the products all the time to make the quality ready-made insulated panels. The company focuses on the quality from the process of raw material selection, manufacturing process, service provision on the installation, after-sale services, and warranty after installation under the policy of



Apart from being the producer of sandwich panel or insulated panels , FATEK also has the service provision of design for cold room, clean room, frozen room, chill room, Processing room, factories, offices, warehouses, or rooms as demanded by the customers together with the service provision of installation by the team of professional and skillful technicians

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