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For construction sizes that emphasize elegance and good looks and need more space for use and more equipment, all new, the whole cabinet Introducing ready-made office cabinets – 100% new assembly cabinets, both high-quality rust-proof sprayed steel structure cabinets, SANDWICH PANEL, coated steel paint. industry standard

Container Office

Size: According to the customer’s request
Product price: contact staff
Delivery :  Hiab Crane
Product details :
  1. The inner wall consists of pre-insulated sandwich panels.
  2. The roof consists of pre-insulated sandwich panels.
  3. Swing insulation door, 1 set
  4. 2 sets of casement windows
  5. 2 internal lighting with 1 light switch
  6. 1 ventilation fan
  7. 2 electrical sockets
  8. 1 set of electrical control cabinets
  9. The floor is viva board. covered with rubber tiles
  10. The inside is aluminum.
  11. There are both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned.
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