SANDWICH PANEL or the ready-made white foam insulation panel or EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam is the material with the special properties of light weight, easy to move, easy to install, can be cut as desired, energy saving, prevent humidity from the soil surface, long usage life, and importantly, it is non-flammable. It can resist heat and preserve coolness as well as preventing the sound penetration.

PU Insulated Panel Lock System

u lock
Lock System


U-Joint system is a double-folded steel system that makes the edges of the sandwich panel strong and the edges of the finished wall panels are not fluttered or bent. This makes it easy to install and saves time.

Texture Options

sandwich panel wide

Wide Ribs

Ribs width 10 cm.

sandwich panel narrow

Narrow Ribs

Ribs width 5 cm.

sandwich panel flat


Flat and no rib


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FATEK - Smart Sandwich Panel

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