Insulation Panel Sandwich Panel PU Foam or prefabricated wall panels with yellow foam (PU) or polyurethane (also pronounced as PU foam or polyurethane foam) is one of the materials with excellent insulation properties. heat is strong durable and non-flammable has a low melting point When exposed to high heat for a long time, it will change shape.


property of PU FOAM

pu foam

SANDWICH PANEL PU Polyurethane insulation (PU) or polyurethane wall panels (Polyurethane Foam) is a production of polyurethane that uses a bowing agent to react between polyols. and diisocyanate It expands by 20-100 times, resulting in a material with a closed cell structure. which has high thermal insulation performance up to 230°C – 250°C (this is the decomposition temperature of the PU foam body, but not the service temperature).

  • It is a good insulator. but not fireproof And when there is a fire a lot of smoke will be generated
  • Composed of 95% fine foam, it is durable and does not collapse.
  • HCN gas (Hydrogen cyanamide) less
  • It is a non-flammable insulator.
  • Long service life, strong and durable
  • as insulation thermal conductivity and low water absorption waterproof, soundproof, shockproof
  • Contains a small amount of solvent, such as concentrated nitric acid or sulfuric acid, which is important for waterproofing and chemical resistance.
  • CFC-free and environmentally friendly


Thickness that recommended

tem limit for insulated sadwich panel

* at k : 0.021 W/mK

PU Insulated Panel Lock System

u lock
Lock System


U-Joint system is a double-folded steel system that makes the edges of the sandwich panel strong and the edges of the finished wall panels are not fluttered or bent. This makes it easy to install and saves time.

Texture Options

sandwich panel wide

Wide Ribs

Ribs width 10 cm.

sandwich panel narrow

Narrow Ribs

Ribs width 5 cm.

sandwich panel flat


Flat and no rib

Use Cases of Sandwich Panel


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