Metal sheet roof with PIR insulation

roof pir OffWhite

Off White color pir standard roof

roof pir OceanBlue

Ocean Blue color pir standard roof

roof pir InLightGray

In Light Gray color pir standard roof

overlap 3d

Leak-free with Overlap

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing technology that can do overlap, which allows the assembly of overlap between the roofing joints without gaps and prevent leakage of rain water as well.

Connect between smoothly

The connection between the sandwich panel roof is simple and smooth, locked, stable, not moving and water is difficult to penetrate between the joints
roof lock system
pir standard roof

Non-flammable, ECO-Friendly roof

PIR insulated roof by FATEK Group

PIR insulated metal sheet roof (Standard Roof)

Width : 1,000 mm (fixed size)
Length : 0.50 – 15.00 m (depends on the requirement)
Thickness (does not include the outer ridges) : 25, 50, 75 mm

Insulator type : PIR Foam
Density : 28 kg/ m3
Thermal conductivity (K) : 0.021 – 0.023
Color of the outer roof : Off White, In Light Grey, Ocean Blue
Safe ‘Walk-on’ Span the longest purlin distance : 1.5 m

Iron typeCoating ClassThickness (mm))
Outer surfaceAZ1500.35
Inner surfaceZM1200.40


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roof pir InLightGray
roof pir OceanBlue
roof pir OffWhite


metal color colorbond new

Insulated roof

PIR metal sheet sandwich panel insulated roof

The metal sheet roofs are consisted of PIR foam insulator that is installed under the roof. It helps prevent the heat from entering from under the roof. This kind of insulator must be installed during the construction phase of the house. It is not very popular yet. However, installing the insulator under the roof is the best and the most effective way in preventing the heat.

roof 1
roof 2

The material used in the product is PIR (Polyisocyanurate Foam). It is used as an insulator of the roof. It can prevent both heat and coldness. It is lightweight, easy to move, making installation easy and fast, can be used as a ceiling of the attic without requiring more of other insulators, reducing the steps in the construction. It is mostly installed during the construction process.

We also use metal sheet / Aluzinc as the outer roof structure. It is strong and durable. The metal received a global standard.

Qualities of PIR insulation roofs

  • Up to 400 degrees Celsius heat resistant
  • Fire resistant, non-flammable, and difficult to catch fire
  • 216-295 kPa horizonal pressure resistant
  • 123-135 kPa vertical pressure resistant
  • A good insulator (poor in heat-conduction)
  • Difficult for vapor or substances to be absorbed through
  • An insulator, blocks noise, and absorbs sounds
  • Effective in humidity absorption, poor liquid absorption
  • Helps maintain a good room temperature
  • If the product catches fire, the PIR insulator will create only a little amount of smoke, helps reduce the risk of inhaling dangerous substances.
  • Lightweight, strong, easily movable, and suitable for all industries
roof pir OffWhite
roof pir OceanBlue
roof pir InLightGray



Standard certified by SGS

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