Fatek Works Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 or B.E.2540. The factory was constructed to produce the ready-made insulation panel or SANDWICH PANEL, ready-made insulation panel of cold room’s wall, fire-proof insulation panel with PS PU PIR Foam using the PRESS MACHINE in the CLIP LOCK system. With the efficient services of the working team, the purchase orders have been received continually. Until 2007, Fatek developed the machine by importing NEW AUTOMATIC SANDWICH PANEL MACHINE to develop the quality of insulator to have the strong glue for more completeness of the panels from the machine system including the joining system of U JOINT which is convenient for the installation and removal. Moreover, NEW AUTOMATIC SANDWICH PANEL MACHINE can also produce the Roof Panel to be used as the roof to prevent heat as another choice for the customers.

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In addition to having a quality work team Fatek also has a certified quality system.

The Company is determined to develop the product quality until being certified with ISO 9001: 2015 to make the Fatek products have regular quality and receive the good feedbacks from the customers.

iso9001 certificate
iso9001 sgs

The Company still focuses on the product quality from the selection of main raw materials. In the industry of Sandwich Panel production in the CRP group, Fatek is the producer using the quality iron in international level of Bluescope most in Thailand for the year 2015 which can be guaranteed with the award GTM5.


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