• Meat such as pork, beef, goat meat, lamb meet
  • Seafood both fresh and cooked such as fish, prawns, and squids
  • Milk and dairy products such as pasteurized milk, butter, yogurt, cheese, fermented milk
  • Eggs
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Ready-to-eat food
  • Products processed from meat such as sausage, ham, beacon, sour pork

Objectives of freezing

Freezing is the food preservation with the main objectives in:

  • Retarding the growth of pathogen such as Salmonella ,
  • Meat aging
  • Retarding the chemical and biochemical reactions
  • Reduce the respiration rate of vegetables and fruits
  • Freezing following the types of food
  • Cold storage of fruit and vegetable)
  • Grouping of vegetables and fruits following the temperature and relative humidity
  • Cold storage of meat and meat products
  • Cold storage of milk and dairy product