Sandwich Panel room is the ready-made insulation panel, cold room insulation wall in cheap price with the PS PU PUR PIR FOAM and ROCK WOOL PANEL FOAM to be used in making the rooms such as fire-proof insulator, ready-made cold room, clean room, chill room, storage room, etc. Some types require the control of humidity or temperature and control on the cleanness as the humidity may cause damage to the products. The Sandwich Panel has the properties suitable for building the rooms well.

Fatek also provides the services in designing and installing the processing room with the temperature from 10°c to 25°c using the ready-made insulation panels having the remarkable properties which are clean, sterile, and free from contamination suitable for the food processing industrial factories and warehouses for food storage which require the control on temperature, humidity, and cleanness.

Sandwich Panel

  1. Iron and the external surface which is the iron produced from the color-coated iron of PP Panel SD (NS Bluescope). It is designed and developed from the experts in producing the coated iron and color-coated iron suitable for the use of external wall, cold room’s wall, cold room, offices, department stores, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cold rooms, clean rooms, laboratories, sterile rooms, livestock house or rooms in the buildings.
  2. There are 4 types of insulators:
    – Polystyrene Foam (PS)
    – Polyurethane Foam (PU)
    – Polyisocyanurate (PIR)
    – Rockwool
  3. Cleans and safe with GMP and HACCP standards
  4. Help controlling the temperature and prevent the heat to penetrate